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Born in Casa Grande, David Grassé is a third-generation Arizonian, raised in Tucson. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History and a Master’s Degree in Library Sciences. He resides in Payson and is employed as a Librarian in that burg. Grassé has two published books thus far, A Killer is What They Needed: The True, Untold Story of Commodore Perry Owens and The Bisbee Massacre: Robbery, Murder and Retribution in the Arizona Territory, 1883–1884. He is also the author of several journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. His current projects are The History of Train Robbery in the Arizona Territory 1887 – 1910 and a biography of Augustine Chacón. Grassé is a member of Western Writers of America and The Arizona Historical Society. 


Chacón! A Critical Examination of the Life & Legend of One of the Most Notorious Outlaws of the Southwest

To be published by The History Press

I am proud to announce this manuscript has been picked up by The History Press, a division of Arcadia Publishing, to be part of their 2021 publishing program.


“The historian’s task is not to disrupt for the sake of it, but it is to tell what is almost always an uncomfortable story and explain why the discomfort is part of the truth we need to live well and live properly. A well-organized society is one in which we know the truth about ourselves collectively, not one in which we tell pleasant lies about ourselves.”

- Tony Judt


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