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Can Not Stop Writing,,,

The manuscripts are piling up here in the Grassé household waiting for the subsiding of Covid-19.

First, there is the Augustine Chacón manuscript, which is finished, including forward by Tombstone Epitaph Editor Mark Bowman. prologue, epilogue, end notes, and the complete text. More importantly, I have a contract for publication with The History Press. Unfortunately, the Arizona Historical Society, which houses the remaining photos I need to accompany this manuscript is closed, and has been since June 3oth. Second, there is the Train Robberies of Arizona manuscript. It is also finished, and has been edited twice for length and content. It is still in a rough form, and will need some work to further prepare it for publication. Still, my editor at the History Press, Ms. Laurie Krill, has shopped the idea to the editorial board, and there is some interest there. There is talk of releasing it as a multi-volume set do to its length (the manuscript tells the tales every train robbery in the Arizona Territory from 1887 to 1910). Third, there is the Arizona Rangers manuscript, which is basically an evisceration of the specious legend of this law enforcement body. I am on the fourth chapter of this manuscript (which is broken down by year), and still going forward, as I have little else I can do at this juncture with the other two manuscripts. At this rate my output for the next five years is pretty much covered.

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