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Response to a Review

In truth I rarely read reviews on Amazon, but I was informed there was any exceptionally bad one - one star - so I went into look at it. Some guy named Mark Robeson said of my book about Augustin Chacón, "This is western history through the prism of critical race theory. If I had known that I never would have bought the book." Really. My response: Mr. Robeson, First, I would like to say, thank you for buying the book and adding to my royalty check. Second, if by my extensive research and dismantling of a racist legend in a quest for the truth, I have managed to infuriate an old, white Republican bigot like yourself, Mr. Robeson, I must be doing something right.

Third, wait until you read what I have to say about the Arizona Rangers. Regards, D. Grassé Author, Historian, and Iconoclast

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