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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

The manuscript for the Augustine Chacón book and the accompanying photos were delivered to the publisher in early December. I was told there will be two rounds of editing, one a broad sweep of the manuscript for grammar, spelling, and readability, during which the copy editor and I will make certain the manuscript is as error-free as possible. The second round will involve me looking over the page proofs, which is a mock-up of what the book will look like when it’s printed. I am still waiting to hear from said copy editor. The upside of this situation is I have had time to work on other writing projects, including an article for The Tombstone Epitaph about Holbrook's infamous Bucket of Blood Saloon, an unflattering history of the Arizona Rangers, and the story of the murder of Policemen W. M. Katzenstein in Tucson in 1902. The last of these I am rather excited about, as the perpetrator of the crime was mentally ill, and so I have the opportunity to examine the mental health system as it existed in the territory at that time.

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